Product : Ship Management System

Ship Management

Patterned to the industry standard systems, the AppCase develops the Ship Management Project and compounded several systems that will run on board and on the office. Compose of two modules; ShipMan Core (Central Office and Remote System) and ShipMan Vessel. Below are lists of system under the ShipMan System:

  • Purchase Request and Ordering System: Codename PROCS – comply with the marine industry product coding using IMPA and ISSA standards. This module facilitates easy ordering and purchase of Spare parts, vessel supplies and provisions. PROCS inter-operate with other module using web services on Microsoft’s WCF.
  • Equipment Maintenance and Planning System: Codename EMAPS – the system was patterned to an old system based on DOS and was fully developed to meet SFI standard coding. This module allows easy maintenance planning and preventive services to vessel equipment and machineries.
  • Integrated Inventory Management System: Codename IIMS – As an interconnected system an Inventory system completes the cycle and thereby making easy receiving and updating of items on storage areas and vessel warehouses. This system also connects to the central office to transmit actual inventory to the Central Office providing the management and office staff actual item count.

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Secondary optional system developed in corollary to the above systems:

  • Onboard Personnel System: Codename OPS – this is a simple personnel system that can be connected to the Crew Management System allowing the Master to have full-control of his staff making the Suite ala “Sail-by-wire”.
  • Vessel Position and Tracking System: Codename VPOS – this module operates independent of the other system but also equally important to navigation. This module allows the tracking and positioning of vessel giving the management actual location and historical voyage of each vessel.
  • Incident Monitoring and Reporting System: Codename IMARS – complying to IMO incident reporting standard this logs historical events onboard the vessel, likewise it has the capability to connect to the central office to transmit necessary reports.

Your Advantages:

  • Global access - Ship Management is accessible anywhere when connected to the internet
  • Scalable and Flexible - One of the best feature of ShipMan is its ability to be customized to scale up when more features or reports are needed
  • Supports Majority of Web Browsers - Chrome, Edge, opera, safari, IE and Firefox, MPCS support a multitude of popular web browser, use whatever you prefer with no issue
  • Secured and Safe - ShipMan employs an excellent security measures to insure that your data is safe and secured 24/7
  • 24/7 Online Support - We are always ON and ready to respond when you need our technical support

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