Product : Marine Portal Crew Payroll

Marine Portal Crew Payroll

Payroll Management is an integral part of Crew Management services. Our payroll management service form a crucial part of the Crew Manning Office as it provides maximum flexibility that enables clients to monitor and organize payroll processing, accounting and cost control for ultimate efficiency.

Crew Payroll made easy and integrated to the crewing system simplifying the process. The Payroll module is integrated with the crewing module and helps in crew payroll related calculations such as crew wages, overtime, leave pay, Employee Loans and Monitoring, allotment and various other expenses. Filiphino wage computation as per POEA is also taken care off. Marine Portal Crewing System offers the versatility to control all operations distinctive to Western or Eastern ship management styles.

Marine Crew Payroll system was developed with full automation of direct remittance to bank using web service making transaction faster and safe.

Your Advantages:

  • Global access - Marine portal is accessible anywhere when connected to the internet
  • Scalable and Flexible - One of the best feature of MPCS is its ability to be customized to scale up when more features or reports are needed
  • Supports Majority of Web Browsers - Chrome, Edge, opera, safari, IE and Firefox, MPCS support a multitude of popular web browser, use whatever you prefer with no issue
  • Secured and Safe - MPCS employs an excellent security measures to insure that your data is safe and secured 24/7
  • 24/7 Online Support - We are always ON and ready to respond when you need our technical support

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